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Slayers Revolution

The Characters

Warning: the description of the characters might contain spoilers.

-Old Characters:

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Lina Inverse
Protagonist of the series, she goes along with Gourry in a quest for a new sword and she's got a warrant of arrest on her head.
Dubber: Megumi Hayashibara

Gourry Gabriev
Without the Sword of Light he feels useless and he must find soon a new magical sword.
Dubber:Yasunori Matsumoto

Amelia Will Tesla Saillune
She's studying to become a priestess, but she feels suffocated without justice acts. She helps Wizer in finding Lina.
Dubber:Masami Suzuki

Zelgadiss Graywords
He's still searching for a cure for his chimera body, but he has decided to take it easier.
Dubber:Hikaru Midorikawa


This time the mazoku is against Lina and co and on the side of Gioconda, Duclis and Ozer. His real aim is a mistery as always.
Dubber:Akira Ishida

- New Characters:

Pocota Pocota:Cute animal who acts haughtily, but sometimes stands on Amelia's or Lina's head. He can cast a DragonSlave and use a self-made copy of the Sword of Light hidden in his zip. His real identity is that of the Prince Posel Corba of Taforashia. Dubber: Yumiko Kobayashi
wizer Wizer Freion: The special inspector of the Ruvinagaldo kingdom. He is a stylish middle-aged man. He alreay appeared in the book 9 of "Slayers Special" series. He introduced himself as "I won popularity among the neighbor housewives".
kuppy Kuppy:a gentle fish woman who is bullied by Lina. If you want to have a beautiful dream, just watch her legs. Don't stare at the upper part... Dubber: Natsuki Kato.
nuovo Gioconda: Marchioness of Ruvina Gard, she's allied with mazokus and has stealed the mage tanks from Pocota, maybe to organize a war.
zooma Zuuma: Appears also in novels 4 and 6. Cruel assassin, both mage and swordsman, he is being hired to kill Rina. He uses a stronger version of the Dark Mist and metal claws.
nuovo Ozer: Gioconda's assistant. Or so it seems.
duclis Duclis: the wearer of an incomplete version of the Zanaffer armor .He's from Taforashia but now he's hired by Gioconda.

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