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Slayers Revolution

The Anime


Official Summary:In order to find a suitable replacement weapon for the sword of light which was lost in their previous battle, Lina and Gourry embark on a new travel.
Midway through their adventure they make a stop in the kingdom of RuvinGard to bully a band of pirates, where they happen to encounter Amelia and Zelgadis.
Though Lina is delighted to be reunited with her old friends, she is not so thrilled when the so-called "Inspector" of RuvinGard's Special Investigative Bureau, a man named Wizer, appears before her. However, Lina is terrified at this man's completely unexpected conduct...

Other infos: The storyline of Slayers Revolution will be both anime-exclusive and based on the second arc of the main series of Slayers novels (9-15). Probably it will be a sequel to Slayers Next so the events of Slayers Try will be ignored.
The series will be of 26 episodes divided into two arcs of 13. If it will follow the novels then probably the first arc will be about the Dark Lord Dynast and the second arc about a fragment of Shabranigdo.


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  • Authors : Hajime Kanzaka & Rui Araizumi
  • Director = Takashi Watanabe
  • Script writer= Jiro Takayama
  • Character Designer = Rui Araizumi
  • Animated Character Designer = Naomi Miyata
  • Producing Company = J.C. Staff

Thanks to QP Diana for all the informations!!

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