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Hello everybody! Welcome on this site dedicated to The Slayers!
This wonderful Anime has been transmitted in Italy and elsewhere in 1997, but it still counts a huge number of fans who are trapped in this world of sorceresses, swordsmans, demons and dragons.
Now, after more than ten years, like a prize for the fanbase, in the 2 July a new Series of Slayers will be released, SLAYERS REVOLUTION.

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Last Updates:

18/07/08 Added the section Slayers Revolution Screenshot Gallery ,Update sections Episodes
07/07/08 Added new sections on Slayers Revolution: OP&ED ,Characters ,Episodes ,Gallery (on work)
30/06/08 More info in Sl Revolution Anime: plot, characters, trailer. Sl Revolution Manga:Added links to scans of the 1 episode.
05/06/08Updated section Sl Revolution Anime: The Ending!
31/05/08 Updated section Sl Revolution Anime: new characters and opening!
21/05/08 Added 3 scans of the first chapter of the manga.

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