This section is full of stupid things. Now there's only one thing, but don't worry, humans stupidity (and above all MY stupidity) has no limit!

Above in the bar you can see advertising messages (one different for each day). If you have an activity to publicize in the Slayers World ^__^ compile this form and your publicity will be added! 


From me

-Your party is boring, your guests are sleeping in the armchairs? Use a DragonSlave and the atmosphere will become hot!

-Are you tired of walking on foot? Reserve a flight on -Philia Express airlines- :you'll travel by a beautiful golden dragon!***Woods and carrots are not included.***To avoid other accidents we pray Mr Xelloss Metallium to abstain from reserving another flight.

-Are you persecuted by Mazokus? A Dark Lord wants your death? Are you pursued by a purple haired moron? Buy the -Canned Justice Speech-: if you open the can a voice will start to declaim a Justice monologue able to knock out every mazoku! Warning: it can knock out even the non-mazoku. Copyright of Amelia Will Tesla Saillune.

-Once I hated all : Mazoku, Ryozoku, humans, I wanted to destroy anyone! My life had no sense, I wanted to commit suicide and destroy the world...but now I feel revived! If you have the same problems try the antidepressant -Lord of Nightmares-: you'll feel better and you'll recover your interior the way...PHILIA! YOU HAVE TO CHANGE MY NAPPY!!!

-Is your skin covered with spots, flaws, ROCKY INCRUSTATIONS and have you got a greenish complexion? Buy -Chimera Factor-: with this foundation all your skin imperfections will vanish! Tested on Zelgadiss Graywords.Warning: the foundation can only HIDE Chimera's imperfections without removing them. We are in search for an appropriate cure.

-Insert on your sites the advertising banners of the -PubliSlayers-! The revenues will be given to the R.C.D.R.D. association (Rebuilt of Cities Destroyed by Rina's Dragonslaves)

-This advertising space is for rent. If you want it send 10.000 gold coins to PubliSlayers s.p.a, Cepheid street 13 Zefilia. We don't accept contracts with Mazokus and/or idlers.

--Is there somebody?? YUHUHU??- This was a neuron in Gourry's head. If you don't want to become as him go to Rina's school of intelligence : ten neurons in ten months!

From Sabuchan

-Did you forget to pay light bill? Haven't you got any candles? No fear: call the GOURRY LIGHT home delivery and Light will come forth!

-AAA We are in search for a beauty, intelligent and well endowed woman. Our agency can chose YOU! Call our number and challenge our manageress! If you'll beat her Phisical capacities you'll win Billions of Gold coins. NagaAndFriend Agency

-We are in search for a strange criminal: a red haired, boobless and very short girl (NoteOfRina: Fireball!) If you see her call the Saillune Police. We have tried to stop her, without results...

-Tip of the day: sleep in the morning for making love in the night. Your skin will become younger and you'll eliminate your stress. The results will be amazing! Daily column of Naga the white Serpent

Pubblicità by Lei Magnus

Discover the happiness of passing your winter holidays in the katart mountains. Enjoy the visit of caves and mysterious places and meet their powerful and..icy guest. Warning: don't try to unfreeze Lei magnus, it may cause some troubles like the destruction of the world.

Pubblicità by Fibrizio

-Drin drin! What's this? It's the Red Telephone! Call it immediately to have a reincarnation of Shabranigdu in your city!  Destruction and desperation are guaranteed. Assure yourself a spectacular death with the Red Telephone! The price of the call is only a quarter of soul! 

-My parents are arriving, there's mess everywhere and I have not time to tyding all! ***No fear, call the Rezo Ace Detergent Organisation. You'll receive a copy of Rezo who will cast the time reversing spell. All in the house will return clean! Warning:no effect on permantly messy houses,  no dead resurrections, possible temporal distortions that can swallow your parents. 

Note: Some of these pubs are the copy of Italian pubs. Maybe english visitors can't appreciate their  jokes