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Slayers Revolution

Summary and Download of Episodes

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I have no responsability on the download links, I'm simply reporting what I've found on the net.

Where to download the episodes raw or with english or italian subtitles (made by the Slayers Again Forum)


Slayers Revolution 01: "AMAZING! Kyougaku no Dragon Slave!?"
Translation:Amazing!The amazing Dragon Slave?
Release date: 2 July 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 1

kuppyLina and Gourry attack a pirate ship (whose captain is like Jack Sparrow) to gain money to search a new sword for Gourry. On the ship a prisoner fish woman reveals to the pirates the bad reputation of the sorceress
Meanwhile Amelia, Zelgadis and Wizer Freion ( the inspector of the Ruvina Gaard kingdom) watch them in a ship of the royal navy of Saillune. Amelia orders to her ships the attack and the pirate ship is sunken
Later Amelia and Zelgadiss meet with Lina e Gourry in a local inn and, with great surprise of everyone, Gourry can't remember their names. Amelia introduces Wizer to Lina but the inspector handcuffs the sorceress and says she's under arrest for the crime of being Lina Inverse.
Meanwhile the Ruvingardo army surrounds the inn, but Lina sweeps them away easily. The secret weapon of the Ruvina Gaard kingdom is revealed: the Z1 tank, strong and... slow like a turtle.pocota

The tank throws a fireball at Gourry but Zel saves him. Our heroes destroy the tank, but hear someone casting the Dragonslave: a little animal on a roof (he's Pocota). The Dragon Slave destroys everything and Pocota escapes flying. Lina is angry because Pocota has robbed her place and wants revenge.


Slayers Revolution 02: "BECAUSE! Sore wa Lina Inverse dakara!"
Translation: Because!Because being Lina Inverse!
Release date: 9 July 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 2

philAmelia reveals that Ruvina Gaard made an official request to Seyruun about finding Lina and the princess was charged with the mission while Prince Philionne hired Zel as her bodyguard.
Wizer comes and tries to arrest Lina again, but the sorceress wants him to explain the charges against her.
checkThe inspector reveals that Ruvina Gaard magic tanks have been destroyed one after another, and they are resistant to average magic spells but a Dragon Slave spell could destroy it. From Lina's knowledge of the spell, combined with brutality, lack of consideration and irrationality, Wizer had concluded that the culprit was the sorceress. In her own defense, Lina points to how she wasn’t the one who destroyed the turtle-shaped tank.
cowWizer takes them to a castle where they are keeping another (now cow-shaped) mage tank. They have to guard it to clear Lina's name by catching the real criminal, and in fact Pocota comes and destroys the tank.
Lina and Gourry immediately chase him while Zel and Amelia heal the wonded soldiers.
Gourry tries to hit Pocota with his sword but he remains trapped in a hole. Lina and Pocota fire spells at each other until Lina summons a lot of birds to peck at the animal. Pocota, pissed to be named "little creature" by Lina, insults her back about her flat chest.
rinaLina, really angry, casts an amplified Dragon Slave, but the creature somehow survives pulling out a Sword of Light (that turns out to be only a replica).
Dumbfounded, Lina and Gourry question who the creature is and finally learn that his name is Pokota. He claims that also the mage tanks were his creations and his goal is to destroy all the stolen magic tanks. Just then, Wizer appears and tries to arrest Lina again while Pocota escapes .


Slayers Revolution 03: "CHASE! Owari naki tsuisou!"
Translation: Chase! Chase, the persecution with no end.
Release date:16 July 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 3

rinaWhile Lina and Gourry are doing an eating contest, the sorceress is handcuffed by Wizer again (with indestructible handcuffs) and so Gourry wins the contest. The inspector blames Lina of another crime: kidnapping the exotic pets of rich people. To clear her name again and to win the pet owners' redward, Lina and co begin to investigate on the missing pets. They question the townsfolk but they are less than cooperative, then they follow some tracks which leads at a mysterious island.
jellyfishAs they cross the lake in a boat, a giant jellyfish attacks them. Lina flies away but , unable to carry both Gourry and Wizer, throws the swordsman at the beast. Once in the island, Lina leaves Zel and Amelia to fight a bunch of monsters while she enters a tower with Wizer still chained to her. The inspector still claims that was all part of Lina’s plan to conquer the world. Angry, she throws him through a door and finally manages to slip out of the handcuff.
The open door reveals a creepy laboratory where chimeras are studied and produced. The owner of the lab is using stolen pets to make monsters and orders his creatures to attack Lina. The sorceress easily takes them down, so he summons a huge magic resistant one.
gouSuddenly, the jellyfish from the lake busts down the wall (with Gourry sitting on its head) and attacks its creator. Gourry and the giant jellyfish became friends at the lake because they are on the same wavelength, and they saved Zel and Amelia on the way over, who are now all sticky with the monsters' saliva. The evil mage says he has the protection of the prince of Ruvinagaard, but Wizers arrest him the same.
wizerLina can't believe how Wizer tricked them all along. He wasn’t after her, he was just using her to get to the chimera creator because, even as an Inspector, he couldn't arrest him when there's a prince behind him. But Wizer denies all this.
Meanwhile, the jellyfish continues lavishing its affections on Amelia and Zel.



Slayers Revolution 04: "DRIFTER! Ou ka owareru ka"
Translation: Drifter! Drifter, to chase or to be chased?
Release date:23 July 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 4

animalsIn their quest for Pocota, Lina and Gourry destroy a bunch of wild animals and get Amelia enraged for that. Zel is not interested in Pocota, but after Lina's hints that the smart animal might know a way to revert his chimera body back to normal , he gets involved too.
punchWhile Lina and Gourry go away, Zel prepares a lot of strange traps for the little creature and manages to catch him in a cage and poison him, but after he threatens Pocota of death, Amelia punches him in the face. The princess cures the little critter and he explains to her that he wants to destroy the tanks to fight evildoers. Amelia convinces herself that he is on the side of justice, so the three of them go in search of mage-tanks.
bunnyMeanwhile, Gourry and Lina had their own plans to catch Pocota, by making a fake bunny-shaped magical tank and rampaging through a city. Amelia and Pocota together fight the false tank and after a furious battle, the tank is destroyed. Lina is furious about Amelia siding with Pokota, who runs off yet again.


Slayers Revolution 05: "ETERNAL! Yuukyuu ni nemureshi mori"
Traduzione:Eternal!The wood that sleeps in eternal.
Release date:30 July 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 5

While trying to catch Pocota, the gang meets Xelloss who snatches the little creature. The Slayers are in Taforashia, an abandoned city and the birthplace of Pocota. The citizens are trapped in crystals because a mage (Rezo) made them sleep until a cure for their horrible desease was found. Now the cure has been found, but Rezo is missed. Lina states that the red priest is dead, but if it was true then the speel would have been broken.
An explosion attracts the gang inside the royal palace and they find three new enemies: Duclis, a tiger man who wears the unbreakable Zanaffer armor, the Marchioness Gioconda and her servant Ozer. Duclis was behind the theft of the magic tanks built in Taforashia whose prince is Pocota himself. Pocota attacks Duclis with the fake sword of light and scratches the armor. When he tries again, Xelloss stops him:he's on the side of Gioconda.
While her ally, he refuses to take her orders to kill them all. The enemies go away and meet in Gioconda's castle. Xelloss gives Duclis a page of the Claire Bible who contains how to complete the Zanaffer armor, but burns the page while Duclis is reading. Gioconda tells Ozer to hire Zuuma the assassin.


Slayers Revolution 06: "Fall on, Kisai! Chinsai? Ano Tama wo Oshiagero!"
Translation: Fall on. Strange Festival! Rare Festival? Push that Ball!
Release date:5 August 2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 6

frenzoranDuclis hires Fran the dog and Zoran the cat to steal Pocota’s Sword of Light. Meanwhile, Lina and co end up in Gongoro village. There, there's a Festival which involves people pushing a ball to the top of a mountain, but the competition led in the past to a civil war that divided the village into Gon, Go, and Ro and transformed the festival into a race where golems push the balls. palle
After offering food and money, the Gon village chief  persuade Lina into participating, while the Go village has done the same with Pocota and Fran and Zoran help the Ro village, thinking they’ll get a chance to steal the Sword of Light.
During the race, each of the teams survives the traps and make it up the mountain. goupalla
The final battle is in a coliseum. Pocota seems to win, but he gets the ball destroyed by Fran’s, whose ball also ends up breaking too. With Lina’s red ball remaining, the villages decide to set their fights aside and form a multi-colored ball that Gourry (half naked) offers to the mountain. At the end, Amelia makes the pyramid of balls in the mountain collapse.


Slayers Revolution 07: "Gorgeous. Nerawareta Gouka Kyakusen!?"
Translation: Gorgeous. The Targeted Extravagant Cruise Ship!?
Release Date:12 Augus2008.
Screenshot Gallery Ep 7

crocieraTo go to Gioconda's palace, the gang travels in a cruise liner at Amelia's expense. On board the party keeps getting attacked by assassins mixed between the passengers and Pocota gets shot down by an arrow with a message that everyone will be killed if they leave the ship. crociera
After realizing that the assassins are after the Sword of Light, Pocota and Lina stage a fight , ending with Lina throwing the animal and the fake Sword of Light overboard to draw out whoever is after it. Everyone swims after Pocota, meaning that everyone was hired by Gioconda. In the ship Lina remains alone with Zuuma the assassin, who is there only to kill her. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zel are in a boat near the ship, Zel electrocutes all the fake passengers and one of them reveals Zuuma's presence. Zel knows him by his bad name. crociera
While Zuuma and Lina are fighting, he's going to overcome her and Gourry comes in to save her. Zuuma releases a black fog that hides his presence and suppresses magic. While Gourry is being strangled, Pokota uses his Sword of Light to disperse the fog, and Zuuma is forced to retreat. He says he will come back to kill Lina and teleports away.




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