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Here are my favourite songs from Sound Bible I and II and Sl Try Treasury Vox , plus some other stuff that can always serve. Download all without any concern! ^______^

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Title Description Lyrics (txt) File type
Get Along Slayers Opening sung by Rina (Megumi Hayashibara) yes!! mp3(ZIP):3808KB
Get Along (Karaoke Version) Useful if you want to prove your singing ^___^   mp3(ZIP):3810KB
Give a reason Sl Next Opening  sung by Rina (Megumi Hayashibara) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4102KB
Give a reason (remix) Remix version (cool!) yes!! mp3(ZIP):3.298KB
Give a reason (GIGA MIX) According to me, the most beautiful version of Give a Reason yes!! mp3(ZIP):5047KB
Jama wa sasenai Sl Next Ending   sung by Masami Okui (L.O.N) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4210KB
Breeze full version Sl Try Opening  (Tv Version) by Rina (Megumi Hayashibara) No mp3(ZIP):5047KB


Title Description Lyrics (txt) File type
But but but Image song of Xelloss (Akira Ishida) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4.385KB
Slayers for the future Song of Rina, Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadiss (Megumi Hayashibara, Yasunori Matsumoto, Masami Suzuki, Hikaru Midorikawa) yes!! mp3(ZIP):3.930KB
More than words(remix) Image song of Zelgadiss (Hikaru Midorikawa) yes!! mp3(ZIP):5. 496KB
We are Image song of Zelgadiss(Hikaru Midorikawa) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4716KB
Stand up Image song of Amelia (Masami Suzuki) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4.324KB
Somewere Image song of Philia(Houko Kuwashima) in English yes!! mp3(ZIP):3.502KB
Take your courage  English version of don' t be discourageous sung by L.O.N. (Masami Okui) yes!! mp3(ZIP):4.200KB
Waru bad blood Image song of Valgarv (Takagi Wataru) yes!! mp3(ZIP):3.846KB
Exit Running Image song of Rina (Megumi Hayashibara) yes!! mp3(ZIP):3.940KB
Otome no inori well-known song of Rina(M Hayashibara)and Amelia(Masami Suzuki) that appears in the episode n14 yes!! mp3(ZIP):2176KB
Otome no inori (karaoke con Rina) Sing with Rina!!!! yes!! mp3(ZIP):2174KB
Otome no inori (karaoke con Amelia) Sing with Amelia!!! yes!! mp3(ZIP):2176KB


Title Description File type
Slazeros The BGM of Xelloss ^___^ MIDI:13KB
Get Along Slayers Opening MIDI:28,8KB
Jama wa sasenai  Slayers Next Ending MIDI:4KB
Breeze Slayers Try Opening MIDI:164KB
Don't be discouraged Slayers Ending MIDI:63,1KB
Otome no inori (Z&A) No comment: listen it!! wav:415KB
Otome no inori (Zel) idem wav:79KB
Between A e B The lovely song of the interludes mp3(ZIP):114KB
Twinkle Twinkle a very sweet song mp3(ZIP):1152KB
Xel shin no sugata BGM  always present in the moments of greater tension mp3(ZIP):1158KB
Next Enemies & Next rewards Always at the beginning of each episode mp3(ZIP):920KB
BGM2 Ta-ra-tattara-ta-ta-tattara I don't know how to describe it ^____^ mp3(ZIP):1952KB
BGM3 My preferred one! mp3(ZIP):1683KB